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- Is the paper waterproof?

Our signature washable paper is water resistant.  A simply rain shower is

not enough to get our bags ‘wet’, however they can be soaked and washed

to clean.

- Is the paper durable?

Our paper is very strong, think of it like a strong organic canvas.

The fibres are bound together during the treatment process making the

paper act more like a fabric than a paper.

- How do I wash?

Products without leather are hand washable, wash in warm water with a

mild soap or detergent and reshape before drying. Products with leather can be still hand washed to the point of the leather. The sealed or coated paper (Luxe or TEC paper) is super low maintenance a simple wipe now and again is all it needs.

- How do I clean?

Spot cleaning is extremely effective, however before applying water or cleaning solutions use a simple clean pencil eraser for light scruff marks and dirt. To move harder stains soaking, spot cleaning or dry cleaning can be used.

- Will the paper soften with wear?

Yes, like leather our paper will soften and shape with wear. The paper characteristics will become more prominent with time and wear.

- Will the metallic paper peel?

No, the intention of the metallic paper is to become slightly distressed with wear but it will not peel off.

- How do I use the paper bags?

Originally designed as a bread bag our washable paper bags are a

simple organic storage solution. Use on the table, at the desk, in the

pantry, in the bathroom, as a vase or as a bin. Use for herbs, plants,

fruit, vegetables, jewellery, makeup, craft, toys, laundry, recycling or

storage and that’s just a few ideas.

- Where are Uashmama products made?

Proudly Italian made. From start to finish our products are

designed and made in Tuscany, Italy. 

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