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Wrapping your gifts has never been so simple and eco-sustainable!
This year impress your loved ones with 'RE-USABLE' packages that once you unwrap will become practical envelopes with a thousand of uses.

Why sustainable? The paper used for the production of these products comes from waste from our production.
Choose from the three sizes the one that best suits your gift .. and make the wrapping itself your UASHMAMA gift!


  • Handwashed in warm water using a mild detergent or soap, be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry flat. Do not wash the leather.
    On occasion there can be very small imperfections found in the metallic paper they are minor and do not effect the strength of the paper.
    It is normal for the metallic paper to crease and mark with wear, the intention is for the paper to become more like a foil. This is characteristic of the metallic paper, it is not a fault.

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